CFA April 2022 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Sunflower oil shortage and substitution
  • The impact of COVID – a diet of cake and lasagne!
  • Sustainability position statements published
  • The £60m cost of Brexit certification red tape
  • Health and Safety support
  • Simplifying risk assessment for fresh produce
  • The future of biofilms
  • And the winners are….
  • Vacuum Packing/ MAP latest
  • Listeria response update
  • Not to be sniffed at….
  • Easter eggs-periments!
  • Members enjoy a resource refresh
  • Listeria awareness
  • New career paths insights
  • Getting social

CFA Newsletter No.57


CFA April 2021 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Brexit Paperwork Headache for Short Shelf Composite Products
  • Chilled Food Market Data
  • COVID-19 Support for CFA Members
  • Chlorate and Hygiene Biocides
  • Vacuum Packed and MAP Guidance
  • Third Party Laboratory Guidance Available
  • Hitting Health & Safety Targets
  • Sustainable Development Group
  • Working in a Virtual World
  • 10 Years of Chilled Education
  • Store Cupboard Science
  • STEM Partnership

CFA NEWSLETTER No.55 for website

CFA October 2020 Newsletter

  • Biocides breakthrough
  • Review of VP/MAP guidance
  • Getting SUSSLE sussed
  • COVID industry updates
  • Listeria best practice
  • Manufacturing guidelines update
  • Sustainability
  • Produce group sustainability
  • STEM celebrates women
  • Apprentice shortlisted
  • Insider insights
  • Science at home
  • MicroTrumps record attempt
  • CEd takes a new approach

CFA Newsletter 54 October 2020

CFA November 2018 Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Guidance on Shelf Life with respect to
    Clostridium botulinum
  • Post-Brexit EU Law
  • Comments to ACMSF on potential impacts of biocides regulation on food hygiene
  • WRAP Brings Fridge Issue in from the Cold [Chill the Fridge Out campaign]
  • On the Road to Less Waste [UK Food Waste Reduction Roadmap]
  • Health & Safety Matters
  • Green light for Blue light project
  • Aylesford School’s unique activities linking food technology and science teaching
  • Big Bang East Midlands
  • New CEd Banners
  • Summer Schools

CFA NEWSLETTER No.50 November 2018  



CFA December 2017 Newsletter

Items in this edition:

  • Biocides go global – new GFSI Technical Working Group
  • Fridge issue hots up again
  • National Biofilms Innovation Centre Launched
  • Genome sequencing – getting the whole picture
  • SOFHT Dorothy Cullinane Award for CFA Director Kaarin Goodburn MBE
  • Changing places and faces
  • CFA welcomes back Bakkavor

CFA Newsletter No. 48 December 2017

CFA’s April 2017 Newsletter Available

The April issue leads with CFA’s success in securing a more appropriate European regulatory approach to biocides in the medium term at least following several years concerted lobbying co-ordinated by CFA and endorsed by the UK’s HSE, FSA and the European Commission.

It also highlights progress respoin seeking changes to the Food Standards Agency’s June 2016 draft revised Vacuum Packing/MAP guidance to ensure it reflects best practice and microbiological risks.

CFA News No 47 April 2017

  • CFA lobbying secures ‘common sense’ EU agreement on Biocides Regulation
  • Chilled Food Sales Show no Signs of Cooling Down
  • Misleading Vacuum Packing/MAP Guidance Reworked
  • Peak Sustainable Palm Oil?
  • Liquid assets – New Water Quality Management Guidance Published
  • £12.5m for biofilms research
  • CFA in the corridors of power
  • New member news
  • An Ambassador for Women in Science
  • Chilled Education
    • A return to Reading
    • CEd pops up in Leicester!
    • New lesson plans for teachers
    • Tweeting about science
    • Summer School support

Download a PDF copy.

CFA’s Latest Newsletter Available

The November issue leads with CFA’s response to the Food Standards Agency’s Vacuum Packing/MAP consultation. 

It also brings news of changing faces, site visits, new members and a special award for an industry colleague.

Chilled Education is also celebrating with a bright new star, success at a major science fair and the launch of a brand new website.