CFA September 2023 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Brexit latest
  • Listeria focus – guidance docs and more
  • Botulinum report welcomed
  • CFA in numbers
  • Waste reduction success
  • Extreme weather guidance
  • H&S update
  • Risk assessment

Chilled Education news

  • BNF partnership
  • Shopify news
  • Forensics and food
  • Profile raising chilled jobs

CFA Publishes 2022 Annual Report

CFA’s Annual Report for the calendar year 2022 has been published summarising key activities and aims including:

  • EU Listeria micro criteria: Established and leading Industry Listeria Group engaged with UK
    Government and internationally with industry in readiness for EU consultation on potential changes to
    requirements. Developed lobbying strategy and summarised evidence base including guidance on
    effective environmental sampling. Aiming to retain current effective food safety measures.
  • Lm Biome: Developed validated microbiological method to assess microbial reduction efficacy. Partner
    in CPS-funded project with CEBAS (starting 1/1/23).
  • Incoming raw material positives: impacts assessed (person days, cost) to help focus best practice
  • Brexit: Composite products focus. Established and leading SPS Certification WG of industry, certifiers
    and Port Health engaging with Government resolving issues and supporting eCertification
    development. Tracking & reporting on EHC applications, certifier burden & costs.
  • Briefing documents published on: raw RTE beetroot and onion safety best practice, relevance of
    generic E. coli and STEC testing to food safety, ethical employment in agriculture and food production
    and sustainability in agriculture and fresh produce.
  • Vac Pack/MAP foods: CFA gave evidence to the ACMSF’s risk review of original 1992 guidance, aiming
    for retention of flexibility for SUSSLE and removal of non-science-based rules.
  • CFA Board: membership criteria reviewed and Board refreshed.

CFA’s priorities for 2023 cover:

  • Education/skills
  • Building knowledge
  • Lobbying for positive change
  • External engagement
  • Knowledge transfer


CFA April 2023 Newsletter

In this issue

  • Brexit latest
  • Vacuum Packed/ MAP foods: ACMSF risk review
  • On the road to net zero
  • Latest on the EU’s proposed Listeria legislation
  • Chilled market data
  • Signing up to H&S strategy
  • FSA’s PDM site visit
  • New spot buying protocol
  • CFA branded cup cakes
  • Fresh produce activities
  • Colleague honoured

Chilled Education news

  • The many uses for the versatile UV torch
  • CEd overview
  • Resources on Shopify
  • Supporting partners