What We Do

We provide members, Government and enforcers with chilled prepared food expertise typically in the following areas. Members are eligible for free services in all of them.


  • Alert & Incident Management

We provide members with horizon scanning services with up to the minute guidance, information and incident support to members, giving forewarning on chill-specific and industrywide alerts, e.g. supply chain issues, foodborne disease outbreaks, residues issues. This is through frequent e-mailed alerts and bulletins on all industry issues and key media activity together with confidential Government/agency liaison.

  • We produce a range of best practice publications, covering:
    • Hygiene and food safety assurance
    • Raw material controls
    • Factory management
    • Supply chain management
    • Product design
    • Regulations


We play a co-ordinating role in research for the chilled food sector. We:

  • Fund fundamental research, e.g. SUSSLE
  • Develop and promote industry research priorities to researchers (e.g. research associations, institutes, universities) and funders (e.g. Government)
  • Monitor and report to members of research relevant to chilled food in the UK and internationally


Our Sustainable Development Working Group has been active for more than 15 years. We represent the industry at Government on topics including:

As well as our own Sustainability Aims regarding energy/carbon, water, waste and ethics.


We provide training tools supporting knowledge and enforcement:

  • Chilled Education initiative to inspire and enthuse the next generation of chilled food scientists and technologists – lesson plans and career paths supported by a range of consumables
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Training Guidance for Multicultural Environments
  • CFA handwash training poster (English, Polish and Portuguese versions)
  • Implementation of legislated microbiological requirements
  • Programme of visits of manufacturing facilities for civil servants

Health & Safety

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