CFA Annual Report 2023

CFA’s Annual Report for the calendar year 2023 has been published summarising key activities and aims including:

  • EU Listeria micro criteria: Leading Industry Listeria Group engaged with UKG and internationally building evidence base in readiness for EU consultation on potential changes to 2073/2005 requirements. Published guidance on effective environmental sampling and data usage, on action on detection of Lm/Lpp and evidence base  Aiming for EU law to retain current effective food safety measures including UK best practice. Briefings, webinars, in-person presentations to members, wider industry, enforcers and UKG.
  • Brexit: Established and leading SPS Certification WG (industry, certifiers, Port Health) engaging with UKG resolving issues and supporting  eCertification development. Tracking and reporting on EHC applicationscertifier burden and costs. Input into BTOM, WF and Trade and Business Commission seeking transparency on risk categorisation for food import rules and a UK/EU SPS veterinary and plants agreement to obviate EU-GB-EU trade bureaucracy.
  • Lm Biome: Developed validated micro method to improve Lm recovery and enable better assessment of microbial reduction efficacy, being used in CPS-funded project with CEBAS (ending 2024) with CFA 
    as an IKC partner. Method paper submitted by CFA for publication in peer reviewed journal and made available to members. Regulatory clarity sought on biocontrol agents.
  • Vac Pack/MAP: ACMSF’s Report on Botulinum Neurotoxin-Producing Clostridia reflects much of CFA input and recognises SUSSLE as an exemplar of multidisciplinary research. FSA 2020 guidance needs to be reviewed and amended to correct lethal rate table error, include toxin testing as part of any challenge testing, and remove non-science-based rules. No timetable yet from FSA for this work, which CFA is seeking.
  • Raw RTE fresh produce Spot Buying and Extreme Weather Protocol Guidance published
  • B. cereus and chilled food including produce: technical paper and statement published.

CFA’s priorities for 2023 cover:

  • Education/skills
  • Building knowledge
  • Lobbying for positive change
  • External engagement
  • Knowledge transfer

CFA April 2024 Newsletter

In this issue:

CFA & Policy:

  • Consultation on EU’s proposed changes to Listeria criteria open until 8 May: Companies are urged to respond to the consultation, at:
  • Listeria – improved enumeration method developed by CFA
  • Brexit – First Phase of BTOM implemented, Second Phase arrives 30 April
  • Health and Safety – the risks posed by flooring, footwear and frost
  • Climate Change Agreements
  • Sustainability: New recycling regime should exclude laminated board says CFA
  • Putting rapid environmental testing to the test
  • Making our (International Women’s) day – CFA’s Inspirational Women

35 Years of CFA:

Chilled Education;

  • Sharing knowledge and support online
    • British Science Week – Making time for science
    • STEM Platform: Online career talks
  • The bliss of food science comes to Blisworth School!
  • More fun food experiments!
  • Science Club resources developed
  • FDF Awards – Crossed fingers!