CFA October 2022 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Keeping affordable food on tables   
  • Latest on the EU’s proposed Listeria legislation
  • Listeria shelf life guidelines challenged
  • New best practice guidelines for onion and beetroot
  • 29 million meals redistributed
  • Data collection and use
  • Biocides
  • Brexit paperwork solutions
  • New honour
  • Vacuum Packed/ MAP foods: ACMSF risk review

Chilled Education news

  • Exploring the science of sandwich making
  • New case studies shared
  • Resource refresh for industry colleagues
  • Store cupboard science
  • Inspiring with experience


CFA April 2022 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Sunflower oil shortage and substitution
  • The impact of COVID – a diet of cake and lasagne!
  • Sustainability position statements published
  • The £60m cost of Brexit certification red tape
  • Health and Safety support
  • Simplifying risk assessment for fresh produce
  • The future of biofilms
  • And the winners are….
  • Vacuum Packing/ MAP latest
  • Listeria response update
  • Not to be sniffed at….
  • Easter eggs-periments!
  • Members enjoy a resource refresh
  • Listeria awareness
  • New career paths insights
  • Getting social

CFA Newsletter No.57