Vacuum Packed & MAP Guidance revised

CFA provided substantial input to FSA in its review of its 2017 Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packed Guidance regarding the inclusion of fresh meat (CFA News 54). As a result of this the guidance has been revised to no longer limit shelf life to 10 days after the day of production for vacuum or MAP chilled fresh beef, pork or lamb. However, food businesses will be responsible for identifying and applying a safe shelf-life in relation to non-proteolytic C. botulinum in line with their existing food safety management systems, in the same way they do for other types of food. In the absence of this approach businesses can apply a 13 day maximum shelf life. The general approach of the guidance continues to accommodate SUSSLE and other shelf lives justified via scientific data.

A wider review of the original ACMSF 1992 risk assessment on which the Guidance is based, will begin this year, with CFA a member of the Working Group.

15 April 2021