UK Chilled Food Leads the Way on Sustainable Palm Oil

RSPOIn 2012, CFA was first invited to advise the UK Government on its position on the sourcing of sustainable palm oil with the long term aim of moving to 100% sustainable sourcing of palm oil and its derivatives by the end of 2015.

The UK chilled food sector uses very little palm oil, but CFA members have also consistently supported its sustainable sourcing.

CFA members already have many systems in place for food safety, sustainability (including sustainable palm oil), quality, CSR, and will add any further deforestation requirements to their audit portfolios. CFA fully supports an effective ‘due diligence’ system that is fit for purpose, which is sector-based, is underpinned by effective legislation, can be policed, and also provides a level playing field by applying to all sizes of businesses.

As Defra releases its third annual statement and review of UK consumption of sustainable palm oil (17/11/15) Kaarin Goodburn gives an update: “CFA members are on track to meet the 2015 target and this summer were already within a percentage point or two of 100% sustainable palm oil. CFA members’ sites are predominantly RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified and there has been a significant shift from Green Palm Certificates to one of the other RSPO supply chain models. The main challenges for the chilled sector now are that some palm oil derivatives are still not yet available as mass balance supplies.”

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