Hitting Health & Safety Targets

CFA is a signatory to the “Common Strategy” of the Food and Drink Manufacturing Forum (FDMF), an HSE initiative to engage with trade bodies and unions in the food manufacturing sector to enhance worker safety. That strategy is reaching the end of its five-year period and is about to be reviewed.

In preparation for the review, CFA members have been assessing their performance against the main planks of the strategy including injury reduction; strategies to reduce muscular skeletal disorders, slips and trips, and occupational health.

CFA’s Dr Ken Johnston has been feeding back to the FDMF, saying: “Pleasingly, the chilled food sector has a low accident rate in comparison to the official “Code 10 Food Manufacturing“ sector and is not only able to show a decrease in reportable accidents but that it has met the target of a 10% year on year reduction in these accidents over the five years of the Common Strategy.”

15 April 2021