Getting to Grips with Third Party Laboratories

CFA has published the latest in its influential guidance documents for the chilled industry. How to Get the Best from Third Party Laboratories is available free to download.

Developed with Food Standards Scotland the guidance was produced in response to calls for guidance from members and agreed by other associations to be a priority issue for all sectors. This first edition focuses on food microbiology.

Industry has legal responsibilities to ensure that food is safe, accurately described and labelled, and does not mislead the consumer. Where industry uses laboratory testing to help it meet those responsibilities, for validation or verification, it must ensure that the testing is fit for purpose and able to withstand legal scrutiny in the case of challenge.

The new guidance aims to raise awareness of the need to use analytical laboratories with the right expertise and accreditations. It provides practical advice on issues such as selecting the right laboratory, providing samples and dealing with complaints.

15 April 2021