CFA’s Shopify success

More and more people have been using CFA’s Shopify website to easily access the ever-expanding portfolio of CFA and CEd resources. While its name is ‘Shopify’, it could more accurately be called an information library – filled with everything from technical guidance documents for the chilled food industry to practical resources for schools, around three quarters of which are free to download.

The popularity of the site is increasing every week, with orders and downloads coming in from countries in almost every continent. CFA’s Charlotte Patrick explains more: “We launched our Shopify site to help people enjoy quicker access to our resources. And it’s working. Our ‘customers’ include retailers, CFA members, schools, universities and local authorities. Orders are going up every month with over 250 in August alone – with most people making multiple orders. We can only see it becoming even more useful in the future as more resources become available and more CFA members increase their outreach activities.”

September 2023