CFA Publishes 2021 Annual Report

CFA’s Annual Report for the calendar year 2021 has been published summarising key activities and aims including:

  • EU Listeria micro criteria: Shared intelligence with industry and UK Government on mooted changes to EU law, established and leading Industry Listeria Group. Developed lobbying strategy and messaging seeking to retain current effective food safety measures. Currently building an international coalition of interested parties in readiness for consultation.
  • Brexit: Composite products focus. Established and leading SPS Certification WG of industry, certifiers and Port Health engaging with Government resolving issues and supporting eCertification development through defra. Tracking and reporting on EHC applications, certifier burden and costs. Presented evidence to UK Trade & Business Commission, featuring in Interim Report.
  • Lm Biome: Secured clarity from UK Government on legal status of novel microbial mitigation. Set out considerations for practical work. Developed project to validate microbiological method.
  • COVID-19: Best practice exchange and alerts system operating 24/7/365 for members. Programmed multidepartment Government liaison resolving regulatory, policy and incident management issues.
  • Vac Pack/MAP foods: Following having secured ACMSF and FSA reviews of fresh meat inclusion, CFA was appointed to the FSA WG feeding into ACMSF’s risk review of original 1992 guidance.
  • Chilled Education marked its 10 year anniversary and won (for the second time) the Food and Drink Federation’s Education Initiative of the Year Award, cited as “Outstanding, sustained educational initiative, highly creative, tailored to age groups and professionally presented.”

CFA’s priorities for 2022 cover:

  • Education/skills
  • Building knowledge
  • Lobbying for positive change
  • External engagement
  • Knowledge transfer