CFA 2019 Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report has been published, covering the 2019 calendar year.

  • L. monocytogenes & hospital-catered food:
  • revised BSA guidance produced reflecting high care/risk best practice and not zero tolerance
  • lobbied PHE/PSA & STS to adopt the guidance
  • by invitation presented on best practice at Welsh Govt/NHS/FSA Wales workshop
  • engaged with national media


  • Biocides:
  • Lobbying led to more rational proposed chlorate MRLs and special rule for most ‘processed’ food
  • GFSI microbial resistance paper, user & risk assessment guidance published


  • Implementation Guidance rewritten
  • User exam developed and implemented
  • Aldi signed NDA
  • Training delivered to Aldi, ASDA, Tesco & members
  • SUSSLE2 B cereus risk assessment published


  • Third Party Laboratories:
  • FSS, LGC and PHE engaged on CFA guidance


  • ACMSF:


Priorities for 2020 are set out on the penultimate page, and cover:

  • Education/skills
  • Building knowledge
  • Lobbying for positive change
  • External engagement
  • Knowledge transfer