How to Join CFA25783041 pasta feta

Three levels of CFA membership are open to chilled food manufacturers, each with different entitlements, with subscriptions being based on company chilled turnover.

Full membership is restricted to manufacturers of chilled prepared foods.

Chilled prepared food manufacturers and suppliers of chilled ingredients are entitled to join as Associate or Affiliate members.

Affiliate membership is restricted to companies with a chilled food turnover of no more than £10M p.a.

Full, Associate and Affiliate members must:

  1. confirm in writing purchase of CFA Best Practice Guidelines for the Production of Chilled Food, and
  2. be certificated by a UKAS-accredited organisation against the BRC Global Standard – Food OR International Featured Standards, providing a copy of a valid certificate, and
  3. provide a list of the last UKAS-accredited audit non-compliances and close-outs, and
  4. provide the CV of the person responsible for food safety at your company, and
  5. provide a supporting reference from an existing CFA member company.

Follow the links below to download application forms: