Finding the Right Ingredients and Raw Materials

Ingredients and raw materials used in chilled foods are subject to the same rigorous controls and procedures as the final food. To help assure food safety throughout the supply chain our members maintain a close partnership with their suppliers and customers.

Suppliers must operate to strict standards as set out in various ourIceberg Line guidance documents as well as specific manufacturer and retailer codes. A satisfactory standard must be demonstrated against each criterion before approval to supply is granted and also for ongoing supply. The supply of strictly specified materials at the appropriate stage in product preparation is a crucial element in helping the final product meet those stringent standards and the same hygiene and quality standards are used no matter what the country of origin. Overseas suppliers are regulated and audited against the same criteria as UK suppliers.

Our members require full traceability throughout the food chain and all suppliers are required to have traceability systems in place that enable them to quickly trace back to the source of their raw materials.