Responsible Sourcing


CFA members support ethical working practices in conjunction with their retail customers, most of whom are members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). The ETI is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and trade union organisations which exists to promote and improve the implementation of corporate codes of practice on supply chain working conditions. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the working conditions of people involved in producing for the UK market meet or exceed international labour standards.

Good Agricultural Practice

CFA members also support responsible agricultural practices with respect to animal welfare and environmental standards. Working with farmers and retail customers, CFA members support licensed UK quality assurance schemes such as Red Tractor and the LEAF Marque Certification scheme (Linking Environment And Farming) and GlobalGAP.

The Red Tractor logo can only be used on food that has been produced, packed, stored and transported to Red Tractor standards. These standards are agreed by an independent panel of experts and aim to ensure that the food is safe and that animals are well treated.

The LEAF Marque is the consumers assurance that the producer operates its business and production processes to the LEAF Integrated Farm Management principles (e.g. the use of integrated crop management technologies to minimise pesticide residues) and to high environmental standards. Farmers and growers who are LEAF Marque certified are independently inspected by licensed food certification organisations.