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Packaging plays a vital role in the safety of chilled foods. Without it chilled foods would not be available in our shops today. Packaging, therefore, fulfils many functions. It not only protects the food and keeps it secure but also keeps it in good condition during transport and storage throughout the distribution chain.

It also has an information role by helping to identify the food and the labels provide legal and useful information about the food such as its cooking and storage, nutrition, allergen and recyclability information. The use of innovative packaging by chilled food manufacturers also allows consumers to check the food’s quality and to see what they are buying.

CFA members support packaging recovery and recycling schemes such as the Valpak Packaging Compliance scheme which companies can join to assist in complying with packaging waste regulations and Government targets.

We also work closely with our major multiple customers and WRAP on various initiatives including improving the recovery of black ready meal trays at recycling plants. Black trays are used for ready meals as black absorbs heat more readily than other colours, improving heating efficiency and saving energy.