The Chilled Food Market

The UK’s chilled prepared food market is perhaps the most dynamic and highly-developed in the world. 

In 1989, when CFA was formed, the market was worth £550m. By January 2017 that figure was £12.6bn, and it continues to rise. The total value UK chilled prepared food market for 2020 was £13.48 billion (excluding some categories of foods for which data are no longer available).

The market Greencore food2go library143is tracked in data compiled by Kantar WorldPanel (formerly TNS), covering the years from 1999-2005 and Dec 2007-Dec 2020.

For more information on specific items, and their market share since 1999, see our downloadables:

The 1999-2005 spreadsheet data are not directly comparable to those for later years since product categorisation is different. In addition data collection dates changed for datasets for the year to Jan 2012 and again from Feb 2013, which is particularly notable for ‘pre-packed meat and poultry’. Retail ‘sandwiches, rolls and baguettes’ data are not included for 2016 onwards. Categorisation was again amended by Kantar for Dec 2019-Dec 2020, so original data to the year end Dec 2019 are included together with that with the new categorisation.

Updated 3/3/21