7-Cards-(Big-Centre)MicroTrumps Microbial Card Game

Girls of Murray Park School play Micro Top Trumps 2!

A pack of 28 A6-sized cards (shown full size, below right) – two each of 14 organisms, illustrated with an electronmicrograph and a fun cartoon Nanobugs character. Alongside these are technical data and general information on each organism and their effects on humans, together with a ‘dangerousness’ score.

Players use the microorganisms on the cards, including Clostridium botulinum and Lactobacillus acidophilus to trump each other in categories such as ‘dangerousness’ and minimum pH levels needed to allow growth.
020Can be used to play trumps or as a reference data source

“Fantastic, just fantastic!” – Institute of Food Science and Technology


Available from: https://www.chilledfood.org/product/microtrumps/