CFA presents evidence on Brexit effect

In April, CFA’s Karin Goodburn gave evidence to the UK Trade and Business Commission on the impact of Brexit on a variety of business sectors.

Karin, who established and chairs the SPS (Sanitary & Phytosanitary) Certification Working Group (comprising more than 25 trade and professional organisations throughout the food chain, EHOs and Official Vets), outlined the problems faced when exporting to the EU or moving food to Northern Ireland – including the reams of time-consuming complex paperwork (see CFA News 55). Her quote: “We’re dealing with archaic paperwork, Byzantine process and Kafkaesque differences of interpretation.” was widely repeated in the media.

The Commission’s report, which also includes suggested solutions to the issues – was published in September, to coincide with the first meeting of the UK/EU Trade Specialised Committee on SPS Measures, which is seeking to reduce friction in UK/ EU trade. CFA and the SPS Certification WG are continuing to work with the Government on systems digitisation and streamlining certifier touchpoints in the food chain.