Microbiological Guidance for Growers (MGG3) (3rd Edition) 2016 – GAP guidance


Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) guidance for growers of produce and combinable crops, particularly those to be minimally processed and eaten raw.

Implementing MGG3’s recommendations will help growers to minimise microbiological issues associated with fresh produce, protecting both the consumer and food businesses.


Building on the previous two editions of CFA’s Micro Guidance for Growers, which established Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards in the UK 15 years ago, MGG3 addresses Control Points and provides clear guidance to all growers of produce and combinable crops on the main microbial food safety hazards and their controls, particularly in relation to produce that is to be minimally processed and eaten without being cooked.

The guidance specifically covers:

  • Hazard and their control in growing
  • Harvesting and handling
  • Transport and temperature control
  • Packhouses/post harvest handling
  • Risk assessment
  • Traceability
  • Sampling, test methods, targets, tolerances and interpretation of results
  • Incident management

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