Glo Germ Kit Handwash Training Kit


An engaging approach to teaching the correct way to get hands thoroughly clean, a prerequisite in the food industry and important at home and in the classroom.


Please note: This kit comprises two LED UV torches (batteries not included) and one tube of UV gel.

Apply a small amount of UV gel to the hands and thoroughly cover all areas. The UV light reveals where microorganisms gather on the skin, under nails and in the creases on the hands. Show the correct way to wash hands (for example using the handwashing poster) and re-examine the hands with the UV torch after thorough washing.  Encourage students to shake hands, pick up objects etc to show how the microorganisms are easily spread across all surfaces.

The UV gel shows how hands can be an important source of contamination and a cross-contamination fomite.

I have always wanted one of these!” Teacher