Food Safety and Hygiene Training Guidance in a Multicultural Environment (2nd Edition) 2016


The 50 page publication highlights good HR and hygiene training practices for companies whose staff may be from different cultural backgrounds. The guidance outlines procedures and gives practical examples of the action employers can take to ensure their legal and moral obligations are met.

“These guidelines have been very helpful for our local training teams.  We have now made all of our training materials as interactive and pictorial as possible.  This has enabled us to get our message across more clearly and check the delegates’ level of understanding during the training for both our introductory and Food Safety Level 2 programmes.” Janette Graham, Group Technical Learning & Development Manager at 2SFG


The guidelines highlight good training practice for the food manufacturing sector and is targeted particularly at chilled food and drink manufacturers who directly employ, or who use the services of a labour provided to supply, workers who may be from different cultural backgrounds.

Its recommendations complement existing food safety and hygiene management arrangements.

The Guidance covers:

  • Managing culture and diversity
  • Effective recruitment
  • The use of risk assessment techniques
  • Communication
  • Induction and training
  • Successful supervision
  • Efficacy of training
  • Guidance on creating a positive hygiene and food safety environment in a multicultural workplace
  • Appendices: ESOL Framework; Example job descriptions; Summary of key hygiene/food safety legislation; and Legal aspects of employment.