Barbara Monks Presenting to Food Teachers' Centre 2016 for webOur presentations provide information and insight on a variety of technical, and non-technical subjects relating to chilled food and can be used as briefing or resource material, if attributed to CFA.

Ranked downloads:

  1. Microbiological Criteria in Practice
  2. Quality Assurance of Chilled Food
  3. The importance of hygiene
  4. Chilled Food – Getting it Right
  5. CFA and Fresh Produce
  6. Chilled Food Auditing Requirements
  7. Think About Chilled Food (careers)

Fresh Produce Safety Assurance

CFA and Fresh Produce – British Herb Trade Association annual conference, 26/1/13

University of Leeds MSc & BSc Food Science

Leeds University Chilled Food QA


Food Hygiene Biocides: Regulations & Reality – SfAM/NBIC Conference Microbes & Biofilms in the Food Industry (4 Feb 2021)

The real food hazards we should be focusing on – FoodFocus (3 November 2020)

Listeria, the Law & What Good Control Looks Like (27 July 2020)

Lessons Learned from European & South African Listeriosis Outbreaks AFFI Food Safety Leadership Conference 26 Feb 2019

Listeria Update for RSPH 19/5/16 – updated 16/6/17

Safety of Imported FoodsPresentation given at SfAM Winter Conference 11/1/12

IFST Food Auditing Conference 13/10/11

CFA – Think About Chilled Food  Careers presentation

Microbiological Criteria Presentation given at Warwick University applied microbiology course for EHPs

CFA FSA Focus on Listeria Presentation given at REHIS/FSA Scotland Food Update Course, Edinburgh, 27/10/10.

The Importance of Hygiene for Food Processing Presentation given at Food Processing Conference 29/4/10.


Industry Challenges Presentation given at IoD Northampton, 22/4/10.

Veterinary Residues Management Guidance 2003

New Standards and New Directions in QA – UK and EU Perspective Presentation given at US Refrigerated Foods Association Conference, Orlando, March 2003

Traceability in the Supply Chain Presentation given to the Food Standards Agency, May 2002

Increasing Public Confidence in Recycled Organic Waste SORP Presentation 19/2/09

Chilled Food – Getting it Right 8/6/05

Sustainability Issues

Animal By-Products Resource Disposal & Minimisation 2003

CFA/DEFRA Waste Technologies Workshop 27/5/04