Making our (International Women’s) day – CFA’s Inspirational Women

 International Women’s Day 2024 brought good news for CFA with not one but two of the team honoured by the Women in Trade Association awards.


CFA Director General Karin Goodburn (right) was selected to be on the 2024 Women in Trade Associations Power List. The Trade Association Forum told Karin that her: “contribution and excellent leadership in your association and your sector over the last 12 months has been truly inspiring”. 


Meanwhile CFA’s Technical Chair Dr Nicola Wilson was chosen for the Outstanding Member Contribution list. 


Julia Garvey, Vice Chair of the Trade Association Forum said: “It was an honour to judge this year’s WITA list and to discover more about the outstanding women leaders within our industry. I hope this list shines a light on their achievements and provides the next generation with the inspiration and aspiration to follow in their footsteps.”




April 2024