CFA 2020 Annual Report published – highlights

Our latest Annual Report is now available, covering the 2020 calendar year.

Specific achievements:


  • Leading Food & Biocides Industry Group which secured more rational chlorate MRLs and special flexibility for processed foods.
  • Various sectoral best practice chlorate MRL guidance issued.

Vac Pack/MAP foods

Project BLUE & Lm Biome

  • Completed NBIC co-funded initial laboratory evaluation of technology to control biofilms under factory conditions.
  • Potential research into other novel technologies under discussion.


  • Established best practice exchange and alerts system for members.
  • Programmed multidepartment Government liaison resolving regulatory, policy and incident management issues


  • Engaged with Government, vets and wider industry.
  • Best practice exchange and issues resolution.
  • Composite products focus. Secured Export Health Certificate flexibility reducing admin burden, facilitating exports to Ireland. Leading Associations EHC Group working with Government.

Priorities for 2021 cover:

  • Education/skills
  • Building knowledge
  • Lobbying for positive change
  • External engagement
  • Knowledge transfer