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pasta_with_creamy_sauce_Greencore_library50CFA member companies currently produce more than 15,000 different chilled prepared foods, mostly every day, such as:

Recipe Dishes/ready meals
Meal Accompaniments
Fresh Pasta
Chilled Pizza
Delicatessen Products (e.g. samosas)
Prepared Vegetables
Dressed Salads
Chilled Soups
Chilled Sauces
Pies, Flans and Quiches
Sandwich Fillings
Prepared Fruit
Fresh Juice
All of these foods need to be kept chilled (at 0-5°C) to meet their shelf lives.
CFA’s position on temperature gives more detail on storage requirements and guidelines. There’s more about UK retail chilled food in market data for 1999-2020.
Note: Pure dairy is excluded from CFA’s product scope, e.g. milk, butter, cream, cheese, yogurt

See chilled bites for quick facts about UK chilled prepared foods.